Comments from audience members as well as previous cast & crew members

Into the Woods
 “I saw the show twice and loved it both times! The venue allows the performance to be very interactive. Singing and acting is top rate.  Make time to see this group. You'll be glad that you did!” - Gene​

“The actors were absolutely amazing. I loved the character, very high energy. I recommend the play and venue to everyone. We are looking forward to the next performance, Chicago!” - Lanelle

“One of the very best productions I have seen!” - Joel

“The show was so much fun! It’s a must see!” – Linda

“It was AMAZING! One of the most enjoyable days out I have had in a long time.” - Shawna B.

“What a wonderful time we had!” – Cyndi

“My husband and I attended last night’s performance of ‘Into the Woods’ and we had a fabulous time!  We are somewhat new to Roseville and are glad to know that there is quality live theatre in our community.” – Traci G
Sweeney Todd
"This show was amazing! Everyone had such great energy and I loved the interaction with the crowd. I am excited to see another performance!" - Courtney W.

"This was an absolutely fantastic play! The acting was superb, the music was haunting and the venue was perfect! I laughed and cried and found myself completely immersed in the experience!! A truly magical evening that everyone should see! Buy your tickets NOW...don’t wait!" - Barbara T.

"A theater experience like no other! Intimate setting with fine food and beverages.  Professional costuming, make-up and the most amazing young actors! I was extremely impressed by their energy, accents and quality of their voices.  I was engaged in the story and character development every minute! The play left me breathless." - Karin Q.

"Absolutely brilliant and one of the best shows I have seen in a long time! We need this in the Sacramento area. Bravo to the entire cast ! It's a must see if you love live theatre!" - Susan M.

​"This show is entertaining on so many levels. The actors actually interact with the audience! They have unbelievable voice range, comedic talent, and heart wrenching emotion. You will love this! Bravo to the cast and crew!" - Lynn G.

Miss Saigon
"Miss Saigon was absolutely amazing from the cast to the sets, costumes and orchestra. I would go again to any production this group does." - Marjorie H.

“Miss Saigon’s music and story will move you to tears. The cast is so diverse and so much fun. They literally came from all walks of life and are working seamlessly!” - Jill W. 
Cast & Crew
"6 Players Studio/Underground Theatre company is an incredible immersive experience. The best of the best work together to create something truly extraordinary that the entire community can enjoy. You will leave wanting more!" - Seth B. (Actor in Les Misérables, Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, West Side Story)

"What an amazing experience. If you want to improve your acting skills and overall knowledge than take an acting intensive here! There is no way to explain what went on in the class because it's something to have to do and feel to understand. Everyone should take this class and be a part of this company." - Hannah M. (Actor in Les Misérables, Acting Intensive)

​"Working with The Underground Theatre Company has not only helped me grow as an actor, but also as a person." - Collin S. (Actor in Les Misérables, Sweeney Todd, Into the Woods, West Side Story)

​"Great people to work with. They have outstanding and wonderful attitudes and make everybody feel like they belong!" - Leroy M. (Choreographer for Miss Saigon, The Wizard of Oz)