How did we get here?

It all began when...

Theater veteran, Shere Freedman, realized there was a need to create a learning bridge between aspiring actors and experienced actors who would like to pay forward their expertise.  Consequently,  6 Players Studio Theatre was created as an educational component of the Underground Theatre Company.  

They strive to use the craft to embody how community, collaboration and belonging are not just celebrated but genuinely nurtured. 
6 Players Studio Theatre is committed to providing artists with exceptional experiences, working with professionals in theater, dance, and music in an uninhibited arena.  Shere has extended her hand to neighboring arts organizations with hopes to cultivate a community that can produce truly amazing
productions through collaboration.  The more entities involved, the stronger the support that will empower artists as they work through the ups and downs of learning their craft.  

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Shere Freedman

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Production Manager